Couple Was Warned Not To Adopt Girl But Didn’t Listen — They’ll Never Be The Same

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Couple warned not to adopt girl but didn’t listen – they’ll never be the same By admin April 20, 2019 Couple Adopts A Neglected Orphan Girl Despite The Warnings

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The couple wanted to adopt a child, so they reached out to [.] Couple Warned Not To Adopt Girl But Didn’t Listen – She is Now the Sunshine of Her Family Bernie and Diane Lierow always loved having a big family.

Warning the couple that the girl in the picture wasn’t right and that there was "something wrong with her," the couple persisted. But the couple weren’t going to give up that easily, and sought out the girl’s social worker.

Married couple warned not to adopt little girl but they didn’t listen. Married couple warned not to adopt little girl but they didn’t listen – now they’ll never be the same. By.

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Married couple warned not to adopt little girl but they didn’t listen – now they’ll never be the same. By. joe clark-april 9, 2019. 1881. share;. pale face that she didn’t recognize staring out of one of the windows.

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