Feds’ raid on Florida medical supply companies points to millions of dollars in potential fraud

Feds raid California rehab center for potential fraud clues June 14, 2017, San Clemente, CA – It was an awkward juxtaposition: On the day that dozens of federal agents stormed several Sovereign Health drug and alcohol recovery centers, the company’s PR machine touted the chief executive’s role at a mental health conference in Washington.

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Located in College Point, Queens, Trinity also allegedly submitted claims to Medicaid.. March 20, 2015; Florida Attorney General: Four Arrested in Medicaid Fraud. Medicaid programs 39 million dollars, 10 million dollars to the state Medicaid.. week for submitting false medicaid claims for delivery of medical supplies.

Nearly 100 people have been arrested in a series of raids targeting health care fraud on a massive scale. Doctors, nurses, even top hospital administrators in eight cities in seven states were arrested in connection with separate scams totaling $430 million — nearly a half billion dollars in pilfering.

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Feds raid Med-Care Diabetic. At press time, neither the FBI nor CMS, which in 2013 awarded the company a national contract for mail-order diabetes testing supplies, had responded to requests for comment. A seizure is an ‘extreme’ action, say industry attorneys, although it doesn’t point to evidence of guilt.

Feds’ raid on FL medical supply co’s points to same players; Millions of dollars in potential fraud Ties to at least 50 other medical supply companies posted: 6:22 PM, May 16, 2019

reported the profits from their medical and law practices. sentenced for Multi- million dollar tax fraud. scheme.. The ITC serves as a centralized focal point to address. The defendants then applied for bank products, hospital; the Florida Hospital (formerly known as.. of his condos are subject to possible forfeiture.

Feds raid on medical supply co’s in FL point to same players; Millions of dollars in potential fraud Investigative Reporter Katie LaGrone uncovered a web of secrets surrounding nearly two dozen.