Home values improved during second quarter; fewer foreclosures

The average home price during second quarter was $540,781, which is 2.8% higher than a year ago. When compared to first quarter of this year, prices were up 12%. Home prices were higher in every county except King, which is unsurprising given the cost of homes in that area.

implement the "Making Home Affordable" program during the second quarter. Against the backdrop of economic weakness and rising mortgage delinquencies, home retention actions- including loan modifications and payment plans-rose 21.7 percent over first quarter to 439,574, nearly 75 percent more than were implemented a year earlier.

"U.S. house prices rose in most states during the second quarter," said FHFA senior economist william doerner. "New home sales are climbing but, relative to the overall population, they still.

U.S. home values fell a staggering 9.9 percent year-over-year in the second quarter, the largest drop in the past 12 years, according to Zillow. The median home value is now at its lowest point since the fourth quarter of 2004, leaving nearly 30 percent of borrowers who purchased a home during the past five years underwater.

The Prices Of Foreclosed Homes Are Surging. pretty strong demand – especially during the second quarter, when a lot of buyers come out of the woodwork and look to buy," said Daren Blomquist.

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"Although home prices are relatively flat, more metro areas are showing price gains with general improvement. with the second quarter of 2006 when sales were at a 6.63 million annual rate. NAR’s.

The Truckload segment’s operating ratios for second quarter 2017 and second quarter 2016 are 91.1% and 94.0%, respectively, and for year-to-date 2017 and 2016 are 92.5% and 92.7%, respectively.

Home flips represented 5% of all home sales recorded in the third quarter, which is the lowest level since 2016. The decline in house flipping is part of the larger shift in the real estate market. The red-hot market has cooled in many areas of the country, and that is impacting the house flipping market.

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