Is the Housing Market Even Worse than it Seems?

The new 2013-14 housing bubble is even bigger and better than the 2008 housing bubble. and we all know how well the 2008 housing bubble ended. 2013-14 Housing Bubble is now WORSE than 2008 Bubble (brokers, hedge fund, cash) – Investing -stocks, bonds, mutual funds, trading, market, brokers.

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The housing market feels like its falling apart. The newspapers are full of stories about falling prices and rising inventories. Where I live, "price reduced" signs are popping up, and some houses have been on the market for more than a year. And yet, as we‘ve reported before, housing statistics and indexes tell a different story.

Underneath the hood, problems persist, including earnings below what families need to get by, stark inequalities in wealth and income, an increasingly jittery stock market. than twice that in New.

It seems timely to take a look at the real estate cycles in years past and project what the market is likely to do in 2019. No one I know has a crystal ball that they can use to see the future.

It’s not as bad as it seems. Risk is a function of height and this is the least risky point in several months. Traders should be embracing these discounts, not running from them. Unfortunately most people feel better paying premium prices and chasing record highs. Cheap prices scare them and they bailout “before things get worse”.

 · If it continues – and it will without a big stimulus package – the economy really could end up in worse shape than it’s been in more than 60 years.

Los Angeles Housing Now More Screwed Up Than San Francisco. That’s even worse for renters than it was when Zillow looked at the numbers. Next Up In Los Angeles Real Estate Market Reports. LA.

 · In a market where demand is lessening, sellers may find that selling to a company rather than an individual buyer will make the process quicker and help them avoid issues, although the sale price is often less than what the house would sell for if placed on the market.