Is Your Radon System Working Properly? – Footings To Finish Inspections

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2019-10-21  · Explain your project, and see if any permits or inspections are required in your area. Sometimes, a building official who has been around for a while may have information on how your house was built or what issues you may run into in your area. Radon! A drain tile system creates a perfect pathway for dangerous radon gas to escape.

After your radon mitigation system is installed, it’s important not to ignore it and assume that everything is working properly. Instead, make sure you have a maintenance plan in place with the installation company. While many companies perform this maintenance as part of the installation price, some may require you to schedule them on your.

How to choose the right radon fan for the job based on a fan flow chart However, you cannot see, smell, or taste this gas, which means that even though it is dangerous and cancerous if it builds up in the home, it can never be detected unless special procedures are enforced, such as occasional radon system testing. Radon Testing. This test can take on many forms for a variety of different purposes.

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Radon inspections for your home. The primary defense against the dangers that radon poses to your home is having a home inspector test it to detect unsafe or elevated radon levels. Pillar To post home inspectors will help you protect against these dangers by detecting Radon gas building up in your home.

Call us at 303-859-5600 for immediate assistance! If you have a current Radon system that is old, or if you are not sure if you have an active system versus a passive system you should have your system inspected. affordable radon, LLC is able to help you with your Radon system inspection needs.

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