Lancin Kua: Jan 29, 2009

Cancel Utility Service. Use this form to request KUA to terminate service. This is to be used solely by the current kua account holder only. KUA will verify all information before the request is completed.

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Knowing the kua number formula of Eight Mansions feng shui is almost mandatory to practicing personalised feng shui. This is because the KUA formula is probably the fastest working and most user-friendly of all the formulas of feng shui. To use it, all you need to do is work out your personal kua number and from there determine your lucky and.

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The Personal Kua Calculator will give you detailed information about which directions are best for you and help create more success, wealth, health, and love in your life. After you find your kua number, check out the Red Lotus Letter Color Calculator to find the best colors for your home!

Your Best Compass Directions Your Worst Compass Directions Success West Health North East Love South West Personal Growth north west: unlucky South East

November 2009 Nursing Board exam results passers Surname starts with letter L 19180. 19198 LABANG, JANUARY ROSE PRIETO. Held on NOVEMBER 29 & 30, 2009 Page:386 of 752. 19658 LANCIN, JEWEL JAYNE ABUCAYAN

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Even though the detailed instruction on how to calculate your feng shui kua number is described in Find Your Lucky Feng Shui Directions article, you may still feel confused about how to calculate it or want to verify if you get it correct. The following Kua Number Calculator and Chart will be very helpful to you.

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