Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

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Vice president mike pence during a stop in Pleasant Prairie on Wednesday called on Congress to pass the U.S.-Mexico-Canada.

 · No need to wonder why Congress hasn ‘ t cracked the magical 30% approval barrier in a decade. But I think I have the answer. Before Republicans and Democrats deal with any of these thorny issues, they should vote themselves a longer vacation. Rich Manieri is a professor of journalism at Asbury University in Kentucky.

That's [the] real corruption, the ownership of Congress by the rich.”. “Maybe there are real, lurking, serious antitrust problems, but they. and when they're tired of being prosecutors they're hired to be tigers for the other side.

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Maybe it’s not her turn, maybe it’s not her time, maybe it might be too. rich super tuesday states, several operatives.

First, experience teaches us that much as Americans hate the status quo, they’re not too excited about change. universal.

The committee blasts out small-dollar donor-centric email solicitations of all sorts almost daily, while aggressively courting big-money contributors, too. Former vice president joe biden, Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia and Lujn will, for example, gather March 21 at the suburban Washington, D.C., home of real estate heiress tori winkler thomas.

Democratic Lawmaker Getting Death Threats Thanks To Devin Nunes“And they’re not accurate in their representations.” Jayapal’s bill, H.R. 1384, has 119 co-sponsors in the House, and was the.

They’re being replaced. to a member of Congress? I don’t think these people believe this is how political change happens.

which is on the books and hits the rich at death already. Why is that significant? Changes to the estate tax would be an easier way to address wealth inequality; they’re way more likely to happen than.

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“First, the Republican Party has largely become the Party of Trump. Too many Republicans in Congress are willing, in the interest of protecting their jobs, to overlook Trump’s misdeeds (just as too.