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Nursing assistant accused of posting Snapchat video of naked patient pleads not guilty. 11-year-old arrested for his pregnant soon-to-be stepmother’s. Nursing home nurses mock patient,

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A Florida nursing home carer has been accused of raping an elderly patient with dementia after she was found naked in the man’s room and he told police she jumped on him. guettie belizaire, 39, was arrested on Monday for allegedly assaulting the man during her overnight shift at the Brookshire Assisted Living Facility in Melbourne in December.

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8 Unbelievable Stories About Inappropriate Gynecologists. Posted on April 23, 2014 by Michelle Nati.. 1 The Arkansas doctor who took nude photos of his patients.. North Carolina doctor was charged with rape and conspiracy stemming from the alleged sexual assault of a patient in 1996.

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Existing-home purchases are tallied a month or two after. Published by Davis. View all posts by Davis Post navigation. Previous post Nursing Home Carer Arrested For Allegedly Raping Patient, Found Naked In His Room. Photos – Talka~G~blog. A high school gym teacher is facing a criminal charge for trying to drag a 13-year-old student into a.

A ugandan nursing assistant allegedly drugged a female patient before raping and impregnating her. According to the Daily Monitor, samuel tumukuratire (29) confessed to having raped many of his patients at the Najeera hospital, north of Kampala, using the same method.. He would first insist they had HIV tests before sedating and raping them.

Four employees of a Florida nursing home where 12 people died in sweltering heat after a hurricane cut power were charged Monday, at least three of them with aggravated manslaughter, their attorneys said. Nursing home patients at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, ranging in age from 57 to

Buying a home is huge, and there’s not exactly a test run you can get comfortable with before you put a down payment on your first.. Nursing Home Carer Arrested For Allegedly Raping Patient, Found Naked In His Room. Photos – Talka~G~blog.

Nursing home patient arrested on sex assault charges in Naugatuck. Police say Vazquez allegedly entered the victim’s room and rubbed his genitals on her.. Woman found guilty of patient.