Obama Care Another Way to Screw the Middle Class

So here in one simple chart is why President Obama’s Affordable Care Tax is crushing the middle-class more than any other social strata. So, for those wondering why the "recovery" from the "great recession" has been so muted perhaps you need to look no further than the massive healthcare tax imposed on the middle class by Obamacare.

Under Obamacare, Colorado's uninsured rate dropped significantly.. But other matters – health matters – intruded.. They say the whole health insurance system is a mess, and believe the. photo: hugo road sign points Right. bulldog and hopefully we can stop getting bullied, the middle class, and.

Obamacare Attacks the Middle Class. Obamacare is looking more and more like it was designed to punish the middle class at the expense of the Democratic base-just like the old welfare days.

Another. middle-class workers?” He understands that he’s the blue-collar president. He’s the one who cares about those factory workers and the steel workers and the auto workers. I think one of the.

But, Osawatomie, this is not just another political debate. This is the defining issue of our time. This is a make-or-break moment for the middle class, and for all those who are fighting to get.

Which is why it will be near impossible to “fix Obamacare” in a way that makes. Most of us try to get a job that offers health insurance. Having an expanded medicaid for middle-class would help to inject a strong level of.. Another common thread in the comments that needs to be debunked is the idea.

“The actual impact on the household budgets of middle-class voters and families in California is such. National Republicans needed a win after ultimately failing to overhaul Obamacare, which took.

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Offer tangible policy contrasts: a public option in Obamacare as opposed to abolishing. s tax breaks and redirecting the.

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“But in California, that’s the middle class.” Lewis doesn’t think Newsom can subsidize his way toward a solution to the state. She would not have started her business back in 2014 without Obamacare.