Our Daughter From China

“The money raised is sufficient for my daughter’s treatment. You can stop donating now,” said Ms Wang with her husband standing beside her in the video. In China, especially low-income rural areas,

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China Adoption: Naomi's GOTCHA DAY and Adoption Story "I can never forget that day and that voice who said to me, you are my daughter and assured me that. injury during her.

It is unlawful in China to abandon a child, yet the government's one-child policy forced many families to do just this. So my daughter was left on.

If this occurred, no further attempts to seek a family would be made for the child. We had not even left for China to adopt our Sophie, but. A couple travelled thousands of miles from Beijing to Singapore in hopes of saving their baby daughter. in China who helped to raise funds, Mr Chu and his wife were able to bring Enxi to Singapore.

What a glorious day, the day we met our daughter.A day that God ordained from the beginning of time. One that He birthed in my heart over a decade prior.A day that could have been so difficult, so painful for a little one being taken from all she had ever known.However, that was not the.

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“Then I called my agency, and I was like. The Pogatchniks, who also have another daughter, Mirabel, 3 they adopted from China, are determined to reunite Ellie with her sister, whom they are calling.

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