silently gray: undesirable folklore

 · November 3 – December 7, 2018. mapping gray ZONES The Inexact Beauty of Early West German Cinema, 1949 – 1963. In a 1960 essay called hierzulande, Heinrich Böll describes the difficulties of explaining the Federal Republic of Germany to a friend from abroad.He uses a rather intriguing adjective in this piece to refer to the young nation: ungenau,or inexact.

Insomniac Folklore is a band of lovable hooligans that would probably be considered offensive, if only they weren’t so darned cute.

Various Cat Superstitions and Folklore Through History. Cats are said to be able to see better in the dark than in the light. It is unlucky to weigh a cat or a kitten. If a cat washes its face in the presence of several people, the first person the cat looks that will be the first to get married and the first to die.

Great grey owls move silently through a forest and will quietly perch, rarely drawing attention to themselves. Cloaked in dappled feathers, they blend almost invisibly into trees.

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According to Brown, it takes about a year for "bob-length" hair to become a uniform gray. Fun (but probably untrue) folklore suggests that when faced with the guillotine, Marie Antoinette’s.

Great gray owls are so elusive that they’ve been nicknamed “the ghosts of the forest.” Even their scientific name, strix nebulosa, speaks to this mysterious quality. stritx, the genus name, comes from.

 · The Paranormal Dimension "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.". Sex with spirit lovers has a long history, not only in folklore, but also in modern accounts. Jessica Roy reveals everything you need to know about ghost sex.. Brent Swancer shares accounts of the Big Grey Man of Scotland.

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The Wolf in Native American Folklore. The Native Americans believed the earth and everything in it was a huge, living web, sharing one common spirit. The animals were not lesser beings, but part of the "four-footed" tribes, which provided special help to their human relatives..

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