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But in the first decade of the 21st century, interest in UFOs began to wane. Fewer sightings were reported, and established amateur research groups like the British Flying Saucer. If science doesn't automatically kill belief in UFOs, why do reports of UFOs and alien abductions go in and out of fashion?

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Astronomer Seth Shostak is skeptical about alien visitation: "It is a. That footage includes one of an undated encounter with "an aircraft. He now helps run Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a startup company that researches UFOs.. (aside from claims of alien abductions, which evidence suggests are.

UFOs are real and, in fact, the aliens who traveled here in their interstellar flying discs now work for the United States government – according to a top aerospace scientist who died in August, but left behind an extraordinary deathbed interview in which he reveals his high-level, inside knowledge of the United States government’s UFO program.