Voters trust the Democrats to handle health care and immigration

In terms of who voters trust on these top issues, Democrats enjoy a double digit. We also provide regular updates on the economy, health care, immigration,

2018-11-04  · President Trump’s unpopularity and a broad gap in trust to handle health care are keeping Democrats in the hunt to take control of Congress, but with an.

Weekly surveys tracking registered voters’ opinions on who they trust more to handle health care – congressional Democrats or Republicans – show It’s been a steeper drop among the voters who helped elect Trump in November: 77 percent of Trump voters said they trusted the GOP more to.

The 2020 hopefuls aren’t for open borders-but they don’t want to sound like Trump either.

Trust in Democrats to handle health care increased over the same time period by 3 points, from 42 percent to 45 percent. republican voters’ willingness to trust GOP elected officials on health care was part of the decline. The new survey found that 72 percent of party loyalists said they preferred.

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Dems Dont Agree On Health Care Registered voters trust Democrats to handle health care, but trust Republicans to handle the economy. Voters prefer Republicans to handle taxes, while they prefer Democrats to handle immigration and global warming. But one issue stands out: border security.

Significant pluralities of American voters, and Democrats specifically, want the Democratic Party to prioritize health care if they retake the White House and Looking just at self-identified Democrats, the numbers are strikingly similar, with answers more concentrated around health care and guns

2019-07-21  · . voters were critical in handing Democrats the. they trust Democrats to better handle issues like taxes, health care – and even immigration,

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Fewer Republicans express more trust in what Trump says than did so in april 2017 (66%); there has been What voters want candidates to discuss: immigration, health care. On many other issues, however, the Democrats hold wide advantages. On both health care and immigration – two of the.

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Voters List Economy, Health Care, Spending As Top Issues. Health Care Promises To Be Sizable Voting Issue in 2020. Democrats hold the trust advantage on seven issues – energy, immigration, government ethics and corruption, health care, Social Security, education and the environment.